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About GOAT Advisory

Our Story


GOAT Advisory was founded in New York in April 2019 by Morimasa Ueda, an executive of a major accounting firm. Then, in July 2020, Jon Lee, an experienced member of a major accounting firm and PCAOB, joined the company. We believe that Japanese companies operating in the United States and their stakeholders do not always receive high-quality accounting and management advisories. Morimasa and Jung aim to provide customers with services at the same level as major accounting firms at reasonable prices. 

Our Mission


GOAT Advisory aims to be an accounting advisory office trusted by customers with INTERGRITY, Commitment and Loyalty, and Long Term Value Creation as our core values.

Long Term Value





Our Competitiveness

  • We support IFRS and US GAAP. Although some companies apply USGAAP, many Japanese companies apply IFRS, and their subsidiaries and branches also adopt IFRS or accounting rules based on IFRS. We have deep knowledge and experience in the field of technical accounting of IFRS and US GAAP.

  • We understand the auditing standards of PCAOB, IAS and AICPA. We will efficiently support your documentation in compliance with the auditing standards that your independent auditors follow.


  • We can communicate in written and verbal in a professional and clear manner with the auditors, head office management, local management as well as local executives in Japanese and English.

  • Our members have extensive experience in working with multinational corporations and multinational managers. In addition, the members have experience working at major Japanese audit firms in Japan. From that experience, we understand the communication, culture and business practices of Japanese and American companies.


  • We understand the overall requirements of audit and head office requirements from the planning stages to completion. We understand the forms, memos, level of sufficiency of the documents required by the company and the auditors.


  • We understand that you are in control of your budget and we offer solutions that fit your budget.

  • Unlike major accounting firms, we put Japanese customers as our priority customers. We will also provide you with a solution that fits your budget.

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